Visual Acuity Check

NewResearch Project

The DDART optotype is a digital optotype for near and intermediate vision

CoronaBlock for Facebook

NewChrome Extension

Take a break from Coronavirus/COVID-19 related Facebook posts.

Awesome Bulma Templates

Open Source

Free templates designed using the Bulma CSS Framework.


Open Source

This Ractive plugin provides helper shortcuts for most Bulma widgets.

Bioimages Segmentation Tool

Web App

Full-stack frame based image segmentation on medical videos

Find Gene (Greek)

Chrome Extension

Find information of any gene just by selecting the gene with your mouse!

Mandelbrot Set

Web App

Fast rendering of the Mandelbrot set in HTML5 canvas using JavaScript


Open Source

Social Sign-In Buttons made in pure CSS based on Bulma and Font Awesome

Dog Birthday Calculator

Open Source

Calculate the future birthdays of your favourite companion.


Web App

See which of your preferred channels are online or offline in Twitch.

Wikipedia Search

Chrome Extension

Search engine for Wikipedia articles using Wikipedia API and Bulma CSS.

Local Weather

Open Source

Shows a 5 day weather forecast using Openweather API and Bulma CSS.

Quora NoLogin

Chrome Extension

Browse through Quora's questions and answers without an account with search functionality.

Simple Quote Generator

Open Source

Generate and share the quote of your choice using Forismatic API. NoSponsored

Add to Chrome

Hides all ads and sponsored listings from website.

Greek Radios FREE

Android AppDeprecated

Listen to all the Greek radio stations in premium quality in one tap for free.

Designed within Greece